How does one hide the menu in FOTON2@

(Rubyn Marcusohn) #1

Hello, using the FOTON2 theme, is there a way (perhaps a CSS script) to hide the menu? Thank you

(Oscar Schmid) #2


I don’t have Foton2.
But in Foton, the navigation will disappear with this code in CSS.

#header nav ul { display: none; }

(Oscar Schmid) #3


With this additional code in CSS is the background-color away.

#header nav { background: none; }

(Rubyn Marcusohn) #4

Thank you Oscar, I’ve also received a solution (from Henk Vrieselaar) - .mean-container .mean-bar{display: none !important;}

(Oscar Schmid) #5


Thanks for the report.

That’s the code for FOTON2. In FOTON it don’t work.

(Henk Vrieselaar) #6

Thanks Oscar.
Sorry I’ve missed this question, but with Foton you can hide the menu with this in the Custom CSS:
#header,.mean-container .mean-bar{display: none;}


(Oscar Schmid) #7

Thank you, Henk.
Very good. With this code, the container is away.
With my code, the navigation is away too, but it remains a part at the top.

(Henk Vrieselaar) #8

So Ottawar1 has more options :wink: