How does one hide the menu in FOTON2@

Hello, using the FOTON2 theme, is there a way (perhaps a CSS script) to hide the menu? Thank you


I don’t have Foton2.
But in Foton, the navigation will disappear with this code in CSS.

#header nav ul { display: none; }


With this additional code in CSS is the background-color away.

#header nav { background: none; }

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Thank you Oscar, I’ve also received a solution (from Henk Vrieselaar) - .mean-container .mean-bar{display: none !important;}


Thanks for the report.

That’s the code for FOTON2. In FOTON it don’t work.

Thanks Oscar.
Sorry I’ve missed this question, but with Foton you can hide the menu with this in the Custom CSS:
#header,.mean-container .mean-bar{display: none;}


Thank you, Henk.
Very good. With this code, the container is away.
With my code, the navigation is away too, but it remains a part at the top.

So Ottawar1 has more options :wink: