CSS Help (Easy?)

Hello RW Friends!

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to turn off the MENU (button, icon) in this theme: Multi Gamma (by Multithemes), so that I can use a Stack for certain menu effects. Any clues (CSS)? Please see it at sewaneevillage.com, upper-right corner. Thanks!

Try this:

nav #menuToggle {
display: none !important;


OMG! David, thank you! That did it! (I think it may affect the functions of the drop-down menu I have placed in its stead, but it’s good enough!) What a great community! Thanks again!

Glad it helped. How is it effecting the drop-down menu?

When the “buttons” drop down, as you hover over each one, the label then slides out. As it stands, they each show permanently once dropped down. No biggie, but if there’s a fix, that would be cool. :wink: You’re the best! -Aaron

I guess you’re referring to the Action menu stack? I don’t have that stack but from a very quick reading of the documentation here: http://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver/kb/action-menu/
it seems like that is a controlled by a setting in the stack. Not completely sure, but worth going through the manual to check.

At any rate it’s not the CSS to hide the theme menu that is causing that behavior. Good luck!

Could I please be any more dense?
Of course! It was a toggle-switch, and I was making quick assumptions. Wow…
Thanks again, David, for your friendly generosity in help!


No Worries - easy to overlook stuff like that.

Glad to help as so many forum members here have helped me as well. :slight_smile:

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The page looks very nice btw - I like how you used that menu stack and made the tooltips on the nav items. Good job! :sunglasses:

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