How does RapidWeaver name folders?

I am not exactly sure how RapidWeaver assigns names to folders on the server.
When I go into the Cpanel I see names that I did not create. There doesn’t seem to be any particular logic to the naming convention except maybe the sequential order of when a page was produced.

Should I be naming these folders as I create each new web page?

Is there anything I need to do other than begin a folder name with the “/” character?

You can assign them yourself in the page inspector:

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It’s best if you name them as you add pages. Give them a meaningful name as they are part of the URL.

A best practice is to use good Unix file names.

  • avoid spaces
  • case sensitive
  • Don’t start with a / unless you really want the directory to start at the root
  • Avoid using <, >, |, \, :, (, ), &, ;, as they may need to be escaped.
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Thanks Doug,

Sorry if I am going too far into the weeds on this next question:

If I create a webpage folder with one name then rename the same folder later, would this end up creating a second URL ?

If you create a folder with one name, publish it, if that page is in your navigation or referenced that URL is there.

If you rename the folder, It will create a new URL and if it’s in your navigation you would need to republish all files but all navigation, (and internal links that use the “page” would be updated to the new URL.

However the old Folder will still be on the site (RapidWeaver doesn’t delete anything). Also any external links (Search engines,bookmarks, etc) will still point to the old URL.

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Thanks for all your patience Doug.

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I give this info with “caution” as it somewhat “breaks” what RW was built for… that is, simplicity and ease of use. But you can “force” any page to any folder by giving it the proper path using Folder and page (file) Name. Teefers hints at this above in his "“Don’t start with a / unless you really want the directory to start at the root.” (RW normally builds it’s file/folder structure based on your folder and page setup in the page panel.)

For reasons I won’t go into, I set and maintain my own page/folder structure, not letting RW do it based on page setup in the page panel, and “Parent” or “Child” pages. (pages in folders & subfolders)

You can experiment with a test project, setting your own paths, and exporting to local disk just to see the output. I have to do this as I have a 1600 page site that is broken up into six project files.

Again, learn before you may choose to implement and use with caution if you decide you want or need to go that way.

I suggest using RW as designed unless you have good reason not to.

Again, you can learn much by playing with a test project and outputting to local disk to see the file structure created.

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