Changing the Name of a Page in RW...?

Hi there.

Is it OK to change the name of a page in Rapidweaver so it makes sense to me?

On the server side - a page will will be called - can I change this in Rapidweaver so that “page-2” is now called “About Me” (for example)?

I see where it can be changed in Rapidweaver - just not sure if I should…



You absolutely should change the folder names. Be aware that some servers don’t like spaces in folder names and in general it’s a good idea to make them lowercase. EX.: about_me.

If you can name them and slip in a keyword that’s even better :slight_smile:


If you are using the default “tidy links” option for page names than you can change the name in the page inspector under the folder name. Keep the file name index.html or index.php. I would not use a blank like in your example “About Me” but use a dash or underline instead so “about-me” or “about_me”.


Thanks swilliam & teefers - it’s the answer I was hoping for!