Publish settings for chilidog site

I hope someone can help me out in publishing my Rapidweaver site. I am using chilidog for my site. Do I select FTP and is the name and password the same as the one I use for chilidog?

Here’s the details… you can also drop Chillidog an email if you get stuck!

Publishing Method: FTP

Server: ftp.yourwebsite.url

Connections: 6 (Lightning Fast!)

Username: your cpanel username (provided in your New Account email from Chillidog)

Your cpanel username will never be an email address.

Password: your cpanel password (provided in your New Account email from Chillidog)

Path: public_html/ if you only have one site on the server. If you have created Addon Domains via your cpanel at Chillidog, then you can use the Browse button and look for the appropriate folder.

Thank you. That really helped.

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No problem!

I know I have also found the Cpanel and hosting confusing, but once straightened out it is great.

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