How to add a contact form using stacks 4

Ok, so I am very new to Rapidweaver8, I have used WordPress before mostly.
I am struggling with Rapidweaver it is not as straightforward as I would of liked to be honest.

Little basic issues I am having issues with. When I enter the header it is plonking the text at the top of my visible page…no idea why it is doing that. Site is

I want to add a social media link to my Facebook business page to my contact page I can’t see any easy way to do that.

Is there a way to actually see the full HTML code on these pages?
The site is not using https how can I fix that?

Hi Paul,

There is a view page source button on the top right of the main window so you can see te html code.

Https needs to be specified and sorted via your hosting company, in RW make sure your address in the project file is https and also look at modifying your htaccess file (assuming apache webserver is being used) to automatically redirect visitors to the https version of your site and it’s pages.


The text at the top “PC & Mac Repair Reading Berkshire, Hampshire & Oxford” - you have entered that in the ‘Head’ section of ‘HTML Code’. This is for custom code snippets you may need to add to the head of an HTML page. Move it to General Settings > Browser Title

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Re Social media links: there are several stacks for this - search here:

You can also just use Font awesome in any text stack e.g.

<a href=""><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></a>

You will need to ensure the theme supports Font awesome or you can add a Font Awesome enabler stack - again you can find a few on the above link.


Hi Paul,
I recently invested in Elixir Graphics’s Foundry. This offers lots of control and possibilities if you want to built customised web sites, including adding a contact form on your page wherever you like. Linkable socials are foreseen as well. Maybe you should check this out? Could solve some of your issues?

Hi Panans, I have already bought Stacks 4 but my understanding is that I really need to get a stack for it and Foundry is suppose to be very good. It does seem a little over kill for my needs but do you recommend it? how does it compared to Foundation 6? I am struggling to even implement a sitemap!

Hi, I am using Foundry since it is easy to learn and to use. It has superb documentation in text as well as in videos and @Elixir is very helpful on his forum with questions. You can start using inexpemsive premade projects from or from as well as nice templates e. g.

I did all my sites with Foundry (

Best regards,


Thanks Jan, I shall take a look great website by the way!

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Hi Paul,
I started with RW5 years ago. Along the way I invested in a lot of very nice stacks, it’s cost me quite some money. Recently I installed Foundry, along with Potion Stacks and Thunder Stacks. Frankly, I should have done this a lot sooner. I only use Foundry now, with the use of some Joe Workman’s Stacks and Yuzools and some other (it depends of what you are doing). So, with Foundry, Potion and Thunder you will be able to build custom websites that are rock solid. Take your time to learn, once you understand the logic of the stacks it becomes fun to play with them. Check out the videos on Elixir and never hesitate to ask questions in the communities. You will always get answers. The Elixir support is very good as well.
I am very satisfied with Foundry.



Ok thanks, I am having difficulties finding the Font awesome stack … I can’t see it on their website…

Perhaps this one:

I think Joe’s stack still only enables FA4. FA5 is supported in Foundation 6 however…

Ok thanks but I have had a look at the Font Awesome icons and to be honest they don’t look like the official Facebook icon. I’ll be honest my first goals for this website are to get it indexed highly into Google for the key words, PC Repair Reading. I want to start brining in some income from repairing computers. As long as the site functions I will be happy I can always work on a new site later on.

Currently my website is indexed in Google as I can search via however it does not show when I search on the key words PC Repair Reading. If I run the RW Health check it looks like I am missing the Description Metatag from all pages I guess this is the main issue? I also can’t remember how to create a working SiteMap…I have created one via RW but not sure what else I have to do (as Google Search Console states- We encountered an error while trying to access your Sitemap. Please ensure that your Sitemap follows our guidelines and can be accessed at the location you provided, and then resubmit." )

For this, I use the SEO Helper stack from Joe Workman, including sitmaps:

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Hi Manofdogz,

That could very well be, I haven’t used this stack in years…

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ok thanks I’ve bought this but sorry im a bit confused how to enable it? I downloaded it and it installed but I don’t see it in RW. Is there a newbies guide somewhere?

Did you restart RW after installing it? You should see it listed in the stacks.

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Yes! they are showing now also I forgot but I have bought Foundation 6! so I shall have a play around with that.

It’s not the Main issue as far as ranking. Search engines like Google will use the descriptions sometimes (less and less now) for what they will display on a SERP(Search Engine Result Page). Google has stated repeatedly that they don’t use descriptions in ranking. And they will only use the meta description tag on the SERP if it is accurate and matches the what the user is searching for.
Descriptions are easy to add with no extra addons, and use them. Page inspector> Meta Tag settings:

Don’t need to do anything special, and you don’t need any addons to produce the xml site map Google is looking for. Advanced settings, check the Generate Search Engine Sitemap box (default is checked). This will place a xml sitemap in the root directory.

BTW: You have one already:

I took a quick look at the URL you posted above, and I don’t see any headings or pages that even mention the words ”PC Repair”.

I see ”Healing your PC” a lot, but not ”PC repair”.

On the about us page, you kind of mentioned repair in the text of a paragraph

PC/laptop/MacBook repair and support service

If you want to be found in search results for a phrase, you probably need to have that phrase somewhere on the site. In fact if it is a competitive phase then you might need a page about it.

There is no SEO Vudu magic to getting found. Any SEO tricks just don’t work.

The reason Google isn’t showing your pages on SERPs is content related. There is no Content for those types of phrases.

If you want to be found for PC Repair in Reading then maybe have a page called something like pc-repair-reading and make sure you have things like the h1 tag, title, lots of content about PC Repair in Reading.

Since you are a local Business, look at some information on Local SEO. Things like Local Listings can have a greater impact on a page ranking than metadata does.

As A general rule, if the end user can’t see it, it probably won’t affect your pages ranking at all. It might impact what the search engines display.