How to add a contact form using stacks 4

Ok, so I am very new to Rapidweaver8, I have used WordPress before mostly.
I am struggling with Rapidweaver it is not as straightforward as I would of liked to be honest.

Little basic issues I am having issues with. When I enter the header it is plonking the text at the top of my visible page…no idea why it is doing that. Site is

I want to add a social media link to my Facebook business page to my contact page I can’t see any easy way to do that.

Is there a way to actually see the full HTML code on these pages?
The site is not using https how can I fix that?

Hi Paul,

There is a view page source button on the top right of the main window so you can see te html code.

Https needs to be specified and sorted via your hosting company, in RW make sure your address in the project file is https and also look at modifying your htaccess file (assuming apache webserver is being used) to automatically redirect visitors to the https version of your site and it’s pages.


The text at the top “PC & Mac Repair Reading Berkshire, Hampshire & Oxford” - you have entered that in the ‘Head’ section of ‘HTML Code’. This is for custom code snippets you may need to add to the head of an HTML page. Move it to General Settings > Browser Title

Re Social media links: there are several stacks for this - search here:

You can also just use Font awesome in any text stack e.g.

<a href=""><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></a>

You will need to ensure the theme supports Font awesome or you can add a Font Awesome enabler stack - again you can find a few on the above link.

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Hi Paul,
I recently invested in Elixir Graphics’s Foundry. This offers lots of control and possibilities if you want to built customised web sites, including adding a contact form on your page wherever you like. Linkable socials are foreseen as well. Maybe you should check this out? Could solve some of your issues?