How to adjust space between stacks?

I’m working on this site:

I’m trying to adjust the space between stacks—it seems RW has a certain amount of space “built in”, even if I set the margins and padding to 0.

The dark blue text area is ExtraContent #2–and I’d like to be able to adjust the amount of space above and below my text. In the body of the site, I’d also like to tighten up the space between the header "A series of live webinars . . . " and the FontAwesome icons below it (and possibly decrease the space above and below those items, as well).

I’ve used some CSS, but I’m not getting the results I’d like–(a screenshot of my CSS box is attached). I’d like to have complete control over spacing between stacks. Any experts out there have any thoughts on this?

I did resolve this with some CSS from the theme developer.

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