Stacks headings or paragraphs spacing

Another newbie question on my 2nd day with Stacks.

I can’t find the control for altering space before or after a Heading or Text stack. Could you please help? Thanks :slight_smile:

Both stacks have margin controls which you can use for this. Check out the screen shot.

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Ok, so it was an elementary question and I found the answer. I thought I would share it in case it helps other newbies. :slight_smile:

You select the container or stack, e.g. Text, and in the inspector click the gear icon and then scroll down to Layout. Now the “gotcha”: click on the “+” in the Layout section just underneath the Fill Mode and this opens the Margins!

Now if RealMacSoftware reads this: in all the years I have been using Macs, the collapse/expand symbol was the “twirl” triangle. If the tip pointed to the right, then the section below was closed, and if it pointed down then it was open. Not so in RW, where they use a “+” if it closed and a “-” if it is open. THIS is why it took me so long to find this feature!

Hopefully this will help some folks here.

You beat me to it. Thanks. Still the key was the +/- button to reveal the Margins.

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