How to browser edit light boxed text

I have a light boxed (BWD Limelight) table of dates that I want to make editable online so my wife can change them in her browser.
This is the page:
and half way down are some orange buttons :: 2021 AUBILDUNGSDATEN opens a limelight displaying dates.
Has anyone tried this ?

have a look at Quick Editor from 1LD
Depends in what form the dates are in your lightbox. If it is just a table Quick Editor should be able to handle it.
Other option:
The Embed Stack from Will Woodgate which imports a CSV file (your dates as a table) and the CSV file is placed via the repository stack from instacks - the CSV can be altered after the login to your repository which can have any name

Quick editor would be the simplest for my wife, but I can’t get it to work within BWD’s Limelight.
My site is built with Source, and the dates are within grid items and paragraph stack.

Tagging @1LittleDesigner and @tav - both are great programmers - perhaps they can work out something functional?

I am a huge fan of the Live Data stack by @1LittleDesigner .

It displays data entered into a google spreadsheet by replacing placeholders with the cell data from the spreadsheet. I use it very often for exact this case, e.g. smaller amount of content that needs to be changed less frequently and not by me :slight_smile:

The menu here, for example, has four dynamic “fields” feed by a spreadsheet:

Menu one, the price and menu two and the price (I split it this way, because I used the spread sheet also for some calculations and disabling the if all dishes have been pre-ordered)

And the table looks like this:

As you can see, you can even add some HTML formatting, so it’s quit versatile.

I have Quick Editor working fine with Source, only time I had a problem was when a hyperlink was within a container.

Haven’t tried the combination with BWD stacks, hopefully something simple

Some things need to be present on page load and so do not work well in lightboxes or hidden tabs etc. I suspect this is the issue.

Limelight does have a lazy pre-load option in each of its content stacks.

@anugyan Try enabling the Lazy Preload checkbox in the Limelight Stacks Content child in which you have QuickEditor. This may work as it will load the content at page load (without render blocking).

Failing that, Limelight does generate events in the browser to indicate when it has been opened / closed etc. Other stacks can take advantage of these events to refresh their contents etc. This would need to happen at the QuickEditor end of things though. The events are all listed in edit mode if you enable ```Show Trigger Classes`

Thankyou everybody. Am away from my comp till next week when I will try Tav‘s suggestion.

Although I have lazy load enabled, I didn’t get it to work and am wondering if Easy CMS would be a better approach? although Iam having difficulties here too…

It seems easycms won’t show light boxed content either. So Im back to playing with QuickEditor.
Here is a screen shot of your lightbox in edit mode my browser. If it is possible to make it all work, what would I need to do?

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 17.24.37

As @tav already said, some solutions require the content to be replaced beeing visible to the page.

I haven’t looked into technical detail yet, but my solution mentioned earlier, using 1LD “Live Data” Stack and a Google Spreadsheet for the content, works. I am using Foundry’s Modal stacks, but the Top Box Lightbox stacks works as well.

Small demo with both light boxes:

EasyCMS works fine with Limelight.

EasyCMS inserts its content by PHP on the server - light boxes and JS are therefore not affected.

Here is a simple demo of a limelight with EasyCMS content just made with everything at default settings

Thankyou Andrew,

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