Limelight and RWML


It seems that Limelight and RWML doesn’t like each other.
Are they just incompatible or is there a way to make them work together?



What is the problem - please give a detailed description? What steps are required to reproduce the problem?

Please provide a url to a simple page that demonstrates the problem so that I can see what is happening.

There is no reason that I know of that would mean that Limelight is not compatible with any other stack.

I should add that I am presuming you may be removing a limelight stack via server side php depending on language preference? What is actually happening in this case is that the HTML will be removed from the page but the Javascript and CSS will not be removed. The lightbox JS will therefore attempt to run on elements that no longer exist.

If you want to switch content then make sure that it is the content that is controlled by the RWML switch and not Javascript controlled stacks. In the case of Limelight - just use RWML to change the content of a Limelight stack and not to switch between multiple Limelights. The way RW/Stacks works means that a php content switcher such as RWML (or any of the others available) cannot remove the corresponding JS for the stacks HTML that they remove on the server


Thanks Andrew
The url is
On the first page “colourfull” should become “kleurrijk” in Dutch as it does locally, but on the server it doesn’t.
All other pages only give English as well.
Would love to fix this


There don’t appear to be any problems as I described above (although you do have 10 errors from fonts that are not found. This is because you are trying to load it in weights of 100 and 200 whereas Wire One is only available in 400 weight. (Browse Fonts - Google Fonts)

When I change the language code to NL in my browser, it correctly displays the Dutch text for me…

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Have you tried clearing your browser cache - the whole thing seems to be working perfectly for me when I click the flags to change language

High Andrew
You were so right, sorry about that, it was just the cache.
Works fine in Chrome and Safari but firefox doesn’t show the rwml texts.
So anyhow it has nothing to do with Limelight that works as a charm.


Good news :slight_smile:

I suspect that Firefox may be sorted when you have fixed the invalid font references.

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