How to build a dumbed down Wikipedia site

Is anyone aware of a Stack or other solution for making a wiki.

I am putting together a project with a few contributors. I would like the information available to everyone but allow ten or so designated people to be able to edit the data from time to time, kinda like Wikipedia without the steroids.

I am looking for a solution where designated people can make entries and corrections.

Total CMS could work for this.

If you’re looking for a true wiki, you might have a look at these. Not RapidWeaver but both are open source (free). They do require a bit of technical knowledge to install. Depending on the hosting company you plan to use they have detailed instructions.

Joe, do you have examples of this kind of thing working in CMS? How would I set it up?

Thanks I will check it out.

I don’t have an example. But @teefers has a good point. If you wanted a full blown wiki, then most hosting companies have some kind of wiki software available with one click installs. You won’t have the design control like you may want though.

OK, Thanks.

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