Wiki Stack Recommendations?

I’m looking to put together a wiki using Rapidweaver and so I am looking for a wiki stack.
1LD’s index card stack might work, but I wonder if there is a general wiki stack.

How big is the Wiki going to be?

If you are wanting a full-blown Wiki-like Wikipedia, with search and all the trimmings, it’s not Rapidweaver but have a look at MediaWiki. It’s actually what Wikipedia and other Wiki’s use.

@willwood has a good article on this

This is a partial list of the software required to run MediaWiki. To add to the above complications, my host, MediaTemple, does not support it. So unfortunately, MediaWiki is not a solution.I am not trying to duplicate Wikipedia, but would like to create a 1-100 page knowledge base. At the beginning there would be but few pages.

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