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I have a socical media girl im hriing to do my FB and marketing. she needs access to my site for SEO stuff. whats the best way? I really enjoy not using WP and WIX… square space. but this is the only down side to RW i’ve found. any ideas on how to over come this?

You can ask what they’re going to implement. With Easy CMS, you can make it so that the Page Description and Browser Title are editable by anyone (without RW). Things like meta tags would need to be done via Rapidweaver. Short of them having a copy, I’d just explain that you use a website building program and get them to send you what needs to be put onto your site.

What kinda stuff. Content, images,meta data. Might need a cms system. Might be overkill depending on how often the changes are needed.

Yup… lol fist step… what is CMS?

Sorry, I incorrectly assume that people are already on board with RW and Stacks and all that other stuff.

  • CMS = content management system (lets you edit things away from your RW program/file).
  • Easy CMS = a ‘stack’ from developer Joe Workman that allows you to identify pieces of text/images that you want to make editable (there are others, this is just one example)
  • stacks = add-ons to the Stacks plugin that extend the functionality of Rapidweaver
  • Stacks = a powerful plugin for Rapidweaver that lets you use a bunch of additional add-ons to make Rapidweaver soar :slight_smile:
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Not an ideal situation but if she is going to be working for you I assume there is some trust there… thus… you could provide her with a copy of RW and give access to your project files. This requires careful co-ordination though as you certainly don’t want the two of you working in the same project at the same time. Again, just a thought… not the ideal solution. As mentioned above it depends on frequency, what is being done, etc.

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