How to center a page?

I don’t know what it is, but I’m trying to have my simple page centered, and it seems impossible. Can anyone point me what I need to do to achieve this? I already try with columns settings and gutters and all the things the stack is letting me work with. I know there’s a solution. Here’s the
Website I need to have centered. Thanks in advance.

Ask @joeworkman since you are using foundation

@joeworkman any ideas? Is the first time I come across something like this. Using F1 so any advise would be cool

Are you using a Container stack?

Watch some videos on the Layouts demo.

Yes. Even If I work around with gutter and margins I can’t push the content to the left! Everything stays at the far right!

Create a new page. Add Site Styles, container with column and text inside. It’s centered. Now figure out why your is not.

Looks to me as if you have this column right aligned which is giving you the impression that the page isn’t centred?

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And at the top of the page, you have 2 columns and that heading is centre aligned in the left hand column.

You probably right. Maybe is an illusion…

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