Cannot Seem to Center Content

Hi there. I cannot seem to get content to display properly (centered) on a page. It’s HTML for a gift card which is brought into the page via the Text stack. As you can see here the content is i) jammed to the left side of the page and ii) truncated to a narrower width. Changing the Fill Mode from Fill to Flexible/100% Align/Center didn’t help. Interestingly, when I preview the code on the Giftup website, it displays at the proper scale and is centered on the page.

Any suggestions or guidance? I’m very much an amateur, so please forgive if I’ve missed something obvious. Many thanks!

Since you’re using the Flood theme, maybe @willwood will be able to help?

This page looks fine:

The one you liked to above has a space between “gift” and “cards”. Maybe that’s an older version of the page?

TY. I just solved the problem with @willwood’s assistance, utilizing his “UsefulStack.”

Can you please share how the useful stack helped? For the rest of us.

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Yes can you tell us how you fixed it with Useful stack???


It’s always best to share the solution you come up with. Others might have the same or similar problem.

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