Change font size Japanese text

I can’t seem to change the font size in the paragraph stack using a Japanese font. The type is always too small. My website is mainly in Japanese so I need a solution. Thanks.

I think I may have found a solution. But any further advise would be appreciated.

Ooh, I’m interest in a solution :slight_smile:
I find that I need to increase Japanese fonts by 1-2 points above the theme default to make them legible. It’s totally dependent on the theme as to how easy that is.
I need a “+1 font stack” or something.
I’ve only one Japanese page but it’s always been a niggle that the text is too small.

This has been a long time annoyance with the Styled Text inside RapidWeaver. I know of many RapidWeaver used that have use Font Pro to override these styles with their own. And even import just Japanese fonts.

I don’t recall who the users were but I know that there have been at least a handful that have contacted me about it.

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