Is there a way to WIDEN Japanese Fantasy theme?

Hi All. I use the Japanese Fantasy theme with RW6. The most frustrating thing about it is that it a webpage of it only occupies about half the available screenspace online - not just with the black surrounding space but the narrow column of content in the white section. (see Screenshot). Is there a way of tinkering with the theme so that the content fills the available screenspace more effectively? eg so I could have more width for the content?

I’ve read that, being an old theme, it’s not very responsive, but as you can see from my site I work with bamboo and it’s the perfect theme, so I’d appreciate any helpful suggestions towards that specific theme.

Can you share a url? That will help :+1: that said the answer is likely going to be it’s time to embrace a more responsive theme and/or framework. Regardless share a link and you’ll get some guidance from the community.

Check the theme settings in the UI on the right and see if there is a width setting.

It’s not responsive at all. I would look for a modern responsive theme. The problem is if you set the content Width to be wider it will make it harder to use on a narrower screen.

Have a look at ThemeFlood, there are quite a few nice responsive themes some are free and others aren’t expensive.

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