How to change color of background above header and below footer?

Hi Guys,

How do I change the white background color of the page above the header or
below the footer?
I don’t like the ugly white bars when over-scrolling up or down.

Thank You.

Not sure what white bars you are talking about?

Perhaps a screenshot and a URL to a page.

Hi Teefers,

Sorry, I don’t have a published page, but I can show you examples.
On, when you overscroll with the trackpad, on the top or bottom of the page, the white background shows up.

Meanwhile, on this site, … they have colored the window color the
same as the background color, so the bottom of the page says blue when overscrolled,
and even the top of the page is a blue window to match the body background color.

Here is a Video of what I’m seeing.

Thank You.

Without a published page, it would be problematic to give you some code that would work.

The bars are still there, just a different color.

You can change the background color that you see when you over-scroll. The element you would change would be the HTML body element.

Here is the tricky part of changing that without seeing the actual site you want to change it on. If the theme or framework you are using doesn’t set the background color for the content portion of the page, then changing the background color of the body would change that as well.

So for example, adding the following CSS to change the background color to blue:

body {
 background-color: blue;

That should change the “over scrolling” bars to blue. However, it is more than likely will change the background color on other parts of the page.

Ok, Gotcha, Thank You for the explainer and your help, I appreciate it.

I thought it would have been an easy site setting somewhere - ‘frame or window color’
I googled the issue, and found a bunch of different fixes that I didn’t understand.

So can you control the top over-scroll color independantly from the bottom over-scroll color, Top menu area is red while footer area is blue?

Thank You.

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