How to show text styling bar and change background colour

Hello, apologies if this in in the wrong place. I’m a newbie and have tried searching on this topic and watching tutorials but am afraid I’m very much falling at the first hurdle. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Screenshots here:

Question 1
I have pasted some text into the edit view tab of my homepage but there is no font styling tab at the bottom of the window. If I create a new ‘Blog’ page then the font style bar is present, but not on my homepage. Does anyone know how I can bring this up?

Question 2
How to I change the background colour from the white (pictured) to grey, I have tried tweaking the colours in the master style tab but none of the colour options seem to change the main background body.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Chris and Welcome to the Forum, thius is the right place to ask questions.

A couple of things, first what kind of page type is the home page? Is it a styled text page or markdown or something else?

Second, where did you copy and paste the text from? With almost any text you paste into RapidWeaver you need to make sure it’s “plain text”. Most things like word processors or spreadsheets have a bunch of formatting stuff embedded in what you copy. These embedded codes will really screw up the HTML that the internet runs with. Luckily there’s a very easy fix and that’s using a "paste as Plain Text opt+cmd+v (also in the edit menu).

Color changing for backgrounds would be theme dependent. What theme are you using?

Hi Doug, thanks very much for your reply.

I was using the Engineer theme. Then after realising I needed edge-to-edge sections (using stacks) I switched to Foundation, but I now realise that that is a blank canvas and makes life slightly more difficult for the novice!

I’ll start at the beginning and explain what I’m trying to create. I made a website with Squarespace (apologies) but then balked at the yearly £216. So I’ve decided to try creating the site from the ground up. Please see screenshots here of the website I’m trying to (re)create.

It needs a grey background with the occasional edge to edge banners. On one of the pages I will need to embed an availability calendar and a PayPal button.

Is there any theme that you would recommend for getting me started?

Thank you.


The Framework style themes like Foundation, Foundry Platform, etc., all are the most flexible, but due take a bit of a learning curve to get them up and running. Since you said you switched to Foundation(assume you have purchased the stacks that go with it), I think you could probably get what you have in the screenshot done with it.

If you don’t have the time to dig into a framework like Foundations I took a quick look at the screenshots you linked above and It looks like it’s kinda a mix. On the same page, it seems like you have dark backgrounds with light text and light backgrounds with dark text.

Since you’re using stacks that shouldn’t be that difficult to do with the right stacks with a traditional theme, the built-in themes that come with RapidWeaver are great for getting you up and running but have limited options. I couldn’t see a lot of the site with just the screenshots like banners and navigation; it might be better to provide a link to the site itself.
If you want to have a look at other themes, I would suggest you start with ThemeFlood (@willwood). There’s quite a few to choose from, and they all have a demo version that you can try before you buy. If you do purchase and use any of his themes you also can use a whole bunch of stacks designed to work on these themes for free.

Thanks Doug, that’s all really useful. I’ve had a good look around Themeflood and am impressed. I think I’ll be going with one of those themes and not get too hung up about how my previous site looked - I don’t have the skills in RM yet to get it looking exactly the same without it taking a huge amount of time. And thank you for the links to the Stacks too.

I’d love to send you the link to my site but it’s not public unless I pay the Squarespace subscription fee! They drew me right in! Think from now on I’ll be building using RM in order to save costs.


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