How to decide the exact place of the text on Tesla?


I have an issue. Each time that I write a text in the “edit” part of Tesla when I switch to the “preview” part my text does not stay in the place where I want it to be.
So I would like to know if anyone knows how to decide the exact place of the text on Tesla ?

I made some screenshots of my issue


Looks like you’re using the built in blog plugin?
I don’t know much about that plug in but HTML will remove any extra spaces it finds. You could replace the extra (more than one) spaces with HTML Non-breaking Space


Thank you Doug Bennett

I tried the “HTML Non-breaking Space” but it doesn’t work. It is just making one space and that is not enough to have the distance that I want between my words

You would need to repeat the non-breaking space, one for each space you want.

It’s what I did

But as you can see in preview part it’s appears completely different

The built in Blog page type isn’t really any good for positioning text and images in the way you want I’m afraid. As you’re discovering, it doesn’t have the kind of control over layout that you’re looking for and I fear you’ll just become frustrated with your lack of progress.

Unless there’s a reason you need to use the built in blog, there are much better alternatives which will give you more control over the appearance. For this you’ll need the Stacks plugin from YourHead. That comes with a selection of layout types for images, columns, text etc. that may be enough for your needs. Otherwise, something like the Poster stack can be used to create a blog that’s much more modern and gives you more design freedom.



Thank you for respond Robbeattle. I got Stacks plugin and now everything is ok.

Excellent. Glad to hear it. The Stacks plugin makes most things OK. :sunglasses: