Tesla (Standard) How Do You Customize Homepage?

I’ve had Rapidweaver for quite some time but am only now starting to use it fully. A newbie so bear with me.

I saw and understand how to change the large banners on the Tesla homepage/pages, but can’t seem to find where the 3 navigation images are under the nav bar? I was able to delete them but can’t figure out how to add new ones back in?

Basically on the homepage all I can seem to do is change the big banner image and edit text.

BTW I see the folder with all the banner images but don’t see the other images like on the About Me page too.

Sorry I’m sure I’m just missing something simple.

I don’t really understand. Can you give a link to your site or a screenshot?

Thanks for the prompt response! Think I have a lot of reading tutorials today. :O)

And on home page there were three round images which I removed and wanted to add my own. See below.


I think, this has nothing to do with the Theme Tesla.
This is content that is brought into the page with Stacks.
In the code you can see that this is the Animagic Stack from the same Developer.

Still a bit lost. Maybe I should just start with a blank slate. Let me try and explain better. Using the Tesla Standard Theme.

Here’s my homepage and under the navigation there are three round images.

In edit mode I can easily delete them but then I can’t seem to add new ones. When viewing the copied theme’s contents I see the banner images, replaced those with no problem. But nowhere do I see these three round ones? Or can figure out a way to insert my own.

If I view the “source” of this page I see the code referencing "files/photo_circle_1.png etc. but can’t see to locate that folder to replace those images? I didn’t see any reference to Animagic?

img class=“imageStyle” alt=“photo_circle_1” src=“files/photo_circle_1.png” width=“256” height=“256”

img class=“imageStyle” alt=“photo_circle_2” src=“files/photo_circle_2.png” width=“256” height=“256”


Thanks again and sorry for the trouble.

Do you already know how to change those images? I’m searching for the same solution. Can’t find anything.


You can do this in the stacks area, with your image in the stack Animagic.

I too have been struggling with this- this is the standard Tesla Theme not the pro. i have looked at the source and all i can see is the standard code- i see no animagic stack code

All assistance appreciated

I think the issue here is that it’s a Styled Text page but I’m sure that given that Tesla ships with Rapidweaver that @ben or @Elixir will be along to help.


Hey there all!

So let’s touch on a few things and see if I can’t get some misconceptions cleared up.

The project file that @JCarson is using in his example is the sample one that comes with RapidWeaver, which originally shipped in RapidWeaver v6. This project file uses only the standard page styles, and doesn’t have any Stacks-based pages in it. The pages in particular that @JCarson is dealing with are styled text pages.

Since there are no Stacks-based pages this also means Animagic is not a part of the discussion, so we’ll leave that at the wayside.

The images are just plain image files, nothing special about them really. They were some stock images I edited into circles in some photo editing software and dragged-and-dropped onto the Styled Text page(s). You wouldn’t edit the images as much as just remove them from the page and replace them with your own via drag-and-drop.

To be honest, you’re using a theme, so you don’t need that sample project file. Personally I would go ahead and just start a whole new project and that way you can use any page types you like as well as just insert your own content, images, etc without needing to adjust what is already there in the sample project. And heck, then you can use the amazing Stacks plugin by @isaiah to create some modular pages, which will make building things way easier!

Many Thanks Adam! I get it now… I was trying to modify the example, not fully understanding it. I have been away from web development for a number of years- was only back to update/change a site i built some years ago.

Appreciate the time you gave to provide insight into this.


Not a problem! The free version that comes with RW 6 & 7 is pretty solid and should get you a nice site from it. Definitely check out Stacks. It is a must in my book. :+1:

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