Tesla theme off centre

Hi guys.
I wonder if someone can assist me.
Ive got my website all sorted in the Tesla theme. It looks fab in safari on my mac but on my iPhone it is slightly off centre. See it here www.applemacmechanic.co.uk/beta
Can anyone advise me in getting this perfect. Thats all i need to do so i can launch it.

Thanks in advance

Three guesses.
Firstly, this bullets here could be responsible. Why bullets?
Or the menu of Tesla is a bit strange. Is this so intended? It’s not the original menu.
Or the Facebook Code is not in a responsive area.

Thanks again Oscar.
You were correct about the bullets and the menu. Those are solved but i have another question now. I have a jotform contact page and I’ve looked into it and it is supposed to be responsive but on the phone it never completely reveals itself and thus is not visible for use on the phone. The code is in a Stacks 3 container, which i did think would solve the issue.
Could you have a look and tell me your thoughts.
Ive made the site live now and am very very grateful for your speedy responses to me. It has helped a great deal.

www.applemacmechainic.co.uk if you want to look, sorry

Unfortunately, I can not take a look, because the link does not work, goes not to the website.

oops silly me

I don’t know jotform contact form.
When I look in Safari and Firefox, ist’s fine, but not perfect.
There is a bug in the view, when the window is large.
When it’s small is ok.
But on the iPhone it is cut off. It’s not really responsiv.

Why don’t you use FormLoom 2 ?