How to do this nav menu in RW?

Hi all,

I’m updating a client’s website, it is currently in WP though I prefer to use RW…however the client wants me to replicate the current navigation menu and I can’t seem to find any RW menu stack that will do the job.

Using Foundry but also have Source and Foundation, though I’m not as familiar with those platforms (I use Foundry most of the time).

Current website -

The logo and menu tabs move on scroll plus on mobile screen size the telephone number and appointment buttons move below the logo and hamburger.

They want a sticky nav bar with the logo, telephone number and appointment button visible on all screen sizes.

Any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Scott

That should be possible in Foundry as there’s a “Visibility” stack that lets you show/hide things at different screen sizes.

You could for example show the Tel number and Appointment buttons only on mobile…

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