Foundation Menu plus extras - how to?

Hi there,
had to renew my account, so I’m not that rookie as it might look, using RW since version 3.
I use the latest Stacks plugin with Foundation theme version 1.8.
I try to have a top bar with following elements:
[ Logo ] [ Menu ] [ Search bar ] [ RWML Button ]

[ Logo ] [ Menu-Icon ]

[ Menu Items ]
[ Search bar ]
[ RWML Button ]

Is there any way to achieve this?


Yes, put the search and RWML Button in the Top Bar extra zone (set to display on right)

Of course I tried all options and obvious solutions.

With your suggestion I will have no logo at the left.
It is not possible to have one extra zone with logo to the left and another extra zone to the left of the navigation.

Second, on mobile all extra zones will not be shown.

I tried also to use the three columns stack with the top bar in the middle column, but that does not work either.

Maybe its because you have no room left?

Above was done with just topbar as I suggested, but you absolutely can add topbar into a column stack as well

Oh, wow, strange…
So what have I done wrong?
These are my results:

Download the minimum example here (rw8 file as zip on my Dropbox).


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