RW, Foundry, Poster and Stacks Nav-Bar question

If you look at the website you can scroll up and the navigation bar remains and the content rise up beneath it.

I am using RW, Foundry, Poster and Stacks.

I am starting to rough out my site(garbage temporary content):-

But I can’t work out how to get the header to remain static, is this possible in RW and if so how?

One other question I have contact form with I think is a Foundry Stack. It looks great but it doesn’t work. I presume I need to set an SMTP server somewhere. Any clues on getting this to work?

maybe ?

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For the nav bar, if you can manage to get everything in one stack (you seem to have the logo in a seprate setup), then the Nav Bar stack has a ‘sticky’ setting which should do what you need. (Jannis’s suggestion should work too)

For the Form, it’s tough to say. You might need to show the stack settings for your contact form to get a bit more help. Often it is a hosting setup with contact forms but it’d be good to see what your settings are to start with. Sometimes you need an email that matches your domain (so, info@seacrusaders… ). If not, I think that stack has a checkbox setting to work around that requirement.

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Thanks I have only signed up for RW on Tuesday so it is a steep learning curve. I am now using the sticky thing, perfect.

I see so the app is trying to post the email to the company hosting my website whereas I am using a .mac email address.

Yeah, basically with some contact forms/hosts, they’ll mark the email as spam if it isn’t coming from an address they trust. So, lots of people will create a free ‘dummy’ email that matches their domain for the email to be sent from and might have a different reply to email (which doesn’t need to match their domain).
I’m not at my RW comp right now to remember the exact settings with that Foundry stack though.

This is brilliant thanks so much for your help everyone. I have just about everything working the way I want it except one thing…

On the nav bar you can see a stacked page called FAQ. Now the FAQ page can’t be accessed directly however to indicate that it has child pages it has a > sign appended tot he name and you have to click it to expose the child pages and then click them. Is it possible to change this such that the > is removed and that the child pages drop down when you mouse over the parent?

I don’t think so as on a mobile device there is no hover state and thus it will not work there.

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