How to edit css

How do I make edits to the css file in a theme/website?

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As I understand things…you can often get inside a theme and play around with component parts by right clicking the theme and select ‘view in finder’ or possibly ‘open package contents’ - although in some themes this is greyed out. Be aware any hacks you make to the theme in this way will be over-written whenever the theme is updated - hence not recommended.

Far better to do as the video linked by instacks will instruct, namely: click on inspector button (upper right), go to HTML code (3rd icon from left) and enter CSS for the page you are on. You can also edit site-wide CSS from the settings>code menu on left side of page. These over-rides will remain if you get a theme update.

Thank you very much! I’m totally new to rapid weaver and everything seems
so counter intuitive to me. Ive been using Adobe dreamweaver for 5 years or
so but the ministry I’m currently working with wants everything created in
rapid weaver. I will check this out. Can you tell me if there are any blank
themes that can be easily customized?
Thanks again.

There are a few blank themes out there. Since I work for Joe Workman, I am biased to the Foundation theme, which uses the Foundation Framework. There is also Bootsnap by Yabdab, Pure by 1LD, UI Kit by Weaverskingdom, Freestacks by Blueball Design, Blank by Themeflood and Foundry by Elixirgraphics.

If you have any questions about Foundation, let me know.

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Though I am using the Foundation Framework - It was nice to see all the other theme options that you listed on the post.
Thank you.