Edit or create theme at code level?


I am using RapidWeaver because I have a client whose websites are built with it. I’m a freelance developer.

I’m used to working with WordPress and creating custom themes or child themes, so basically coding the page myself in PHP/HTML and then using WordPress to populate my pages.

Is it possible to do this in Rapid Weaver? I’ve been going through the code of the saved site but there are only settings and content, no templates, and the Rapid Weaver application is a single file without, say, a themes folder where I could see how it’s done and create my own. I’d also like to create my own stacks, which I think is possible, but again can’t seem to find the existing code to edit or see how it’s done.

If anyone can tell me how to create themes/stacks or if it’s actually not possible in RW, I’d really appreciate it, thanks!

Sure, you will find most of the information here:

That’s infinitely helpful, thank you. That’s really easy to create themes but just 2 questions:

  1. Is it possible to get at the code for any of the built-in themes? Then I can just make a few tweaks to the existing theme. I’ll probably create our own in time but it’s not a priority, a couple of tweaks for now would be great.

  2. Can I include PHP in the index file? Do I rename it index.php?


Have a look inside the rapidweaver.app bundle. You will find the themes inside there.

The theme main file must be called (afaik) index.html. Inside RW you are able to change the file extension to php.

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In the theme drawer, right-click on a theme and “Duplicate Theme”. Name it whatever you want. Now, go to the file menu, and select “Reveal Addons Folder”. Your new theme should be in the Themes sub-folder.

You can make any changes you’d like to this new theme without any chance of damaging the existing theme.

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Thanks both, I can do exactly what I wanted to now.

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