How to import your themes to RW 7

So this is a dumb newbie questions I am sure, but how do i get my Tesla Theme back into RW7? so we can publish our site with RW7? where can i download it or get a hold of it to import into 7?

Tesla should be available in RW7 also.

Tesla is a theme that comes built-in to RW. I would assume it should be in RW 7 by default. You’d need to check with @dan on this though since I don’t have any control over RW or what ships in it.

This all assumes we’re talking about Tesla though, and not Tesla Pro. Tesla Pro is a different theme entirely. If that is what you’re talking about it can be imported into RW 7 when you first migrate your add-ons from RW 6 to RW 7. If you don’t migrate your add-ons during your initial launch, you can do so from the File menu in RW at a later date.

If you’re a beta tester and having problems, check in with @dan though. The public forums probably aren’t a great spot to discuss the beta. :wink:

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RapidWeaver 7 will import all themes and addons into RapidWeaver 7 so you should be good to go :slight_smile:

My point why I need it is, I cannot change the editable images without the theme as it is already installed?

I don’t think I follow.

How about going back to square one – are you using Tesla or Tesla Pro?

I had only regular Tesla as i never bought the pro…i did not know they had one yet till now, I am new at this…I had to get a hold of my Reason theme again also in order to change the banner images, as i was explained to do in another forum message…

When I have the there I can then see the hidden files on the theme by opening the packages contents and see the editable images, then i change the image that i want to a new one, then install it, then the theme works with my images that I replaced them originals with on RW7, it was the same with with 6 also…

If i do not have the theme i cannot see a place to change the banner Images or files as they are already installed.

My guess is that the built-in themes won’t be brought over because they already exist in RapidWeaver 7, so there’s not a need for the app to import them.

You’re editing the internal files of a theme. One that is hidden away none-the-less. That is a sticky situation, and a method of editing banner images that I would highly discourage. This is one of the reasons for the Pro version of the theme.

I don’t know about Realmac, who are the guardians of the standard Tesla theme that comes built-in to RW, but editing themes internally is something I leave up to customers and isn’t something I normally support.

You’d likely have to redo your banners in the new version of the theme, which comes in RW 7, or manually move it over yourself.

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no that’s not the case, there re editable and non editable images, the editable ones are meant to be as such editable… if you want to use your own…other wise you are stuck with 6 banner images that come standard, that is why they have a directory listed as editable…

I should have not said hidden i guess…they are not hidden…that is what I am trying to do is move it over myself with the standard tells theme file…like my Reason theme.

I know what you’re saying, but, those images are not meant to be edited. They’re there to be used as-is. I should know, I coded that theme. :wink:

Those themes are not “hidden,” but they are included in a separate section, away from all of the other third-party themes. This is what I was referring to when I said:

One that is hidden away none-the-less.

The version of Tesla that came with RW 6 is not going to be copied over because RW 7 already contains that exact theme (just without your edits).

So you can do one of the following things:
(1) Move your copy of Tesla, from RW 6, over to RW 7 manually.
(2) Edit the version of Tesla that comes in RW 7 to change the banner images to your own.
(3) Save yourself the headache and hassle and use the Pro version of the theme that has custom banner functionality built-in to it.

Note: There are other options, which involve code, but I think these seem to be the ones you’d be most amenable to.

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I’m not sure what themes you are talking about I am talking about the Reason Theme, my Son turned me onto RW 6 and we noticed that they had edited images in the Reason theme, i bought RW7 as an upgrade and he mentioned, my son said he needed the Telsla theme, so his internet was down, so i told him i would ask for him about the tesla theme…

I was taking about the Reason theme having edited images, my first an only questions was how to get a hold of the Tesla theme for him as he was worried he would need it if he went to RW7…

I do not use the Tesla Theme, I use the reason theme, he uses the Tesla theme. I think all he wants to do is edit the images inside of the tesla theme, thats why I requested how to get a copy of it…maybe he thinks he needs a copy of it to edit it.

Your original post was about Tesla and whether Tesla would be moved over in the transition from RW 6 to 7, so I assumed we were discussing the Tesla theme. If you were not, I apologize for misunderstanding you.

It still stands that the theme will not be moved from RW 6 to RW 7 because there is not a need for it to transition over, as RW 7 already has Tesla built-in. You can assure your son that he will have access to Tesla in RW 7. In fact if you send me a private message here on the forums I will give him a copy of the Tesla Pro theme.


How about square one, generic? When RW 7 does not ask to import the RW 6 themes, how do you do it.
Not just as a statement “from the file menu”, but where are they? what are the steps?

Here’s an article that should help:

Also, Richard, in the Rapidweaver 7 menu item, there’s a choice for Copy Addons from Rapidweaver 6

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Thanks. Don’t know why I didn’t see that.