RW 7 did not ask or import my themes

I just bought RW 7 and installed it. Contrary to the pdf, it did not ask to import add-ons, and did not install my “Basic Blue” theme.

How do i find it and transfer it, or install it from the zip file?

I’m not redoing all my sites to another theme.

Hey @RichardLW,

You can do the transfer manually by opening RW7, clicking “RapidWeaver 7” in the menu bar then “Copy Addons from RapidWeaver 6…”.

Hope that helps,

Anyone else had the ‘Copying Addons…’ process appear to freeze; mine’s taking nearly 30 minutes?

Confused me for a bit. As RW wont show Foundation as a theme. However I had to drag the app (after unzipping it) to the Applications folder - and then it found the Foundation theme. And ditch the RW6 icon.
I know its obvious but I hardly ever install apps - could so easily be in the instructions!