RW 7 did not ask or import my themes

(Richard Widman) #1

I just bought RW 7 and installed it. Contrary to the pdf, it did not ask to import add-ons, and did not install my “Basic Blue” theme.

How do i find it and transfer it, or install it from the zip file?

I’m not redoing all my sites to another theme.

(Elliot Jackson) #2

Hey @RichardLW,

You can do the transfer manually by opening RW7, clicking “RapidWeaver 7” in the menu bar then “Copy Addons from RapidWeaver 6…”.

Hope that helps,

(Mark Sealey) #3

Anyone else had the ‘Copying Addons…’ process appear to freeze; mine’s taking nearly 30 minutes?

(Jon Norris) #4

Confused me for a bit. As RW wont show Foundation as a theme. However I had to drag the app (after unzipping it) to the Applications folder - and then it found the Foundation theme. And ditch the RW6 icon.
I know its obvious but I hardly ever install apps - could so easily be in the instructions!