Lost most add ons and themes with upgrade to RW7 from RW6

Hello ,
It has been a while for me using RW. But just upgraded to 7 and cannot locate my library of purchased themes. Any help? How can I locate them to reinstall.

They are probably still in the RapidWeaver addons folder. Open RapidWeaver 6 and hold down command-option and push 7 this opens the RW addons folder. Then do the same for RW 7 and copy them over.

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I will try that. Thank you very much.

I say copy them over as you might want to continue using 6, some people are.

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The themes, which I am most concerned about, seem to be in the RW 7 themes folder but they are not available when working with the application. Heres a screen capture to show how RW 7 looks when I opened it up.
Thank you

Hi, @rwjbnoosa,

In RW, click on ‘Themes’ button in the upper menu of the app’s window. Make sure that in Themes window you have “All Themes” selected, like in the screenshot below:

If you choose any other option, your themes may not show.

Thank you, we are good to go!