How to include a slider (page size) in a long "one-page" site?

I am developing a site for a client as one long page divided into many sections. Most of these sections are browser page size.

One of the sections should change (slide) for three other pages moving as screen sliders.

I am using BWD Sections Pro and everything is working fine, except for this sliding feature.
How to implement it? I tried wit Magic Link and Marker without good resources.
I found similar operation at but do not have access to the corresponding .rw code to learn how it was done.

Anybody can help?
(a lot of pressure from the client, I need some help),

Take a look at Impact from Joe Workman. That’s great for making full height slideshows.



Is it not possible to do this with BWD stacks?

Hi, don’t think sections pro stack has a slider option, you can do a full browser height static section and have elements animate within it.

It might be possible using the animate features in Sections Pro and Sections BOX but I’d suggest that Impact is a better tool for what you want to do IMHO.


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On the BWD demo that you reference, the stack being used for the slider is Moving Box by Joe Workman

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