Image Galerie header with browser flex height

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Well, the title say it. Which stacks would you combine to create a 3 (or more) Image slider header with browser flex height?

First I thought about orbit slider in a Section Pro stack, but this didn’t seem to work.
Do I have to create it with several background childs and animation childs in a Section Pro?
Or buy another gallery?

Thanks for your help!

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@tav Thanks!
So I cannot achive it with the stacks I have?

(Andrew Tavernor) #4

No, Orbit is a more conventional slider that is sized by its content.
Impact is proportionally sized to your choice and it’s content (images and/or video) are sized to fit. It can also handle 2 different types of foreground content and has a unique cross fade algorithm for the best transitions.
SectionsPro is not a slideshow stack at all - Impact does that job.

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Thank you very much!

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