How to link to my obsolete site

Hi all,

I’m just returning to RW after an absence of a few years. I am creating a cleaner looking brand new site and want to link to my old site. I want to keep my original website domain name. I thought the easiest method would be to create a subdomain called oldsite (in names who are my host). However, I can’t get it to work. names advised that my new url would be

a) is there an easier method?

b) what might I be doing wrong? I am putting - in on the publishing setting and exporting to subfolder /subdomains.

I also tried exporting locally and then uploading via Cyberduck to the subdomain/oldsite subfolder on names site

many thanks


Not sure if I understand what you’re saying.

Do you want the new site to have the old URL?

You are using http and https on the examples, do you have SSL or not?

It might be easier if you could give real URL instead of the ambiguous “newsite”, “oldsite”.

You haven’t said why you want to do this, any value such as back links will be lost once you move the old URL to a sub domain. Old links to that site will be broken.

Hi Doug, thanks for your quick response. What I want to achieve is keeping my old RW site exactly as it is, available to people wanting to browse my archive of news and a whole bunch of pages etc. Then have my new site with the old url, uncluttered with anything relating to that site. Just a simple page that they can go to to find the old place. My old site was built in RW6. Good point about broken links…thanks. Not sure about ssl as not in office at the mo. The site is

Cheers Matt

Hi again Doug, I do have an ssl. What probably would be easiest is to combine the sites? …but I don’t want to the navigation from the old site to appear on the new site…Matt

No need to reply Doug, been a bit dense here, all I need to do is nest the menu items within the top navigator Old Site…best wishes Matt

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