Replacing non-RW site with a RW site?

(Andrew Tyzack) #1


I’ve re-made a friend’s business website in RW6. Currently I have no idea how his current website was made back in 2009, I don’t think it was RW:

Is ready for publishing, it’s is his business and I need to ensure that the website doesn’t drop off Google, what should I make sure of? I’ve more or less copied the site page for page, which including a landing page is 9 pages. We have contact with the person who made the first website, but I don’t know how helpful they’ll be. What information I could I ask them for that would help the new website?

Thanks for any help,


(Brad Halstead) #2


The other developer used Dreamweaver, you can tell by the MM_ scripts…

As long as the meta data tags from the original site pages matches the pages of the new site, you should be good as there doesn’t appear to be anything super special otherwise for ranking. Be sure to keep a backup of the existing site prior to uploading new just in case…


(Andrew Tyzack) #3

Thanks Brad,

Can I pull the meta tags from the live website, or do I need to ask the previous person to email me them (politics involved and would be better to avoid)?



(Brad Halstead) #4


Visit each page, view source, look for meta description and meta keywords (Near the top of the page in view source), duplicate in RW project pages using inspector -> Meta Tags & HTML Code -> Edit Metatags.


(tim parsons) #5

HI there, i would like to show an interest in helping @Beeswax (Andrew), perhaps i can point out something that @Turtle may have overlooked ?

If Andrew doesnt have access to the original website files i can recomend Site Sucker as an easy way of getting the website files onto his computer.
It would then be a piece of cake to transfer any Meta Tags :slight_smile:


(Brad Halstead) #6


Awesome suggestion, the OP does have access to the old live site and can gather the meta data by my method easily.


(tim parsons) #7

Ah Ok @Turtle at least my idea is a good alternative !! :slight_smile:


(Brad Halstead) #8

Absolutely @timmytoad! :ok_hand: