How to open a topbox video via url (anchor)

I try to trigger a Topbox5 stack to play a video via an anchor in the URL. The goal is to provide people with link that directly opens up a lightbox with a youtube video that starts playing automatically.
On the Stack4Stack page this is explained: You can use any HTML link to open a TopBox.
I have added a class to the YouTube link in the TopBox5 trigger stack as described in the instructions from Stack4Stack (as far as I understand it ;-). But still I can’t get it to work.
Below are the settings in TopBox. The anchor is set via a class in de youtube link.

I would like to have an url with an anchor like this one:
Do I miss something here?

Suggest you email Will directly. He’s been incredibly quick to resolve issues when I’ve mailed him.

Thanks, I just send him an email

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