Reveal Lightbox with Video issues

(Adam) #1

Wondering if I could get some feedback on what I might be screwing up here. Here’s a little test of something I’m trying to accomplish.

There are 4 thumbnail images that each link to a video clip using Foundation and the Foundation Reveal Lightbox as well as HTML Video stack and some BWD stacks. The first time you click on any of the images the video pops up edge to edge based on the size of the video clip with no letterboxing. It also begins to play automatically. This is actually all behavior that I like and want to keep.

However, after exiting the lightbox and clicking on another thumbnail (or even the same one that just worked so well) the video does indeed pop up - but this time it’s letterboxed and requires a additional click on Play to begin.

Anybody have any idea what’s going on here and whether or not it’s fixable with my limited skill set?

I have Edge to Edge Content clicked inside the Reveal Lightbox stack - but like I said, it only seems to work when the page is first loaded. I do not have Autoplay selected on any of the clips inside the HTML Video stacks - though the first clicked on clip does seem to autoplay anyway.

Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.

(Adam) #2

Or can anyone recommend a good, responsive lightbox that works well with mp4 video files (not YouTube or Vimeo)?

(Rob Beattie) #3

Stacks4Stacks’ TopBox handles HTML5 video - there’s a demo on the product page.

(Adam) #4

Thanks Rob. Will check it out.

(system) #5

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