How to pass Button Data to Google Analytics?

Newie here, so I know less than what you think I know.

I have 100 buttons for 100 products. They end up all going to the same form.
I want to know what button the user clicked through to get there.
Even if they don’t engage with the form and back out, I want to know
what product peaked their interest to get to the form.

I am using Buttons by BWD Big White Duck, which have a Data pass feature,
which I don’t really understand what to do with, but I think somehow it should
be able to pass the ‘Data Name and Data Value’ fields to pass data somehow to
Google analytics, so that I can see which products users are most interested in.

Can someone give me a high level explaination how to pass this data from the button to GA, and how to track it?, as Referrer? Campaign ? or something else…

I am using Stacks, Foundry, Foundataion, etc.

Thank You all in advance.

Start by having a look at google tag manager.

Then, have a look at his article:

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Excellent, getting popcorn.
Thanks for your help.

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