How to replace 2932 http-links to https-links?

(john) #1

Hi there,

I’m converting my site to https and found about 2932 Warehoused image-links in my site that must be renamed to https.
How can i fix this the easy and best way?? Rapidweaver doesn’t support Find&Replace.
Must i buy and install such an plugin like PlusKit??

(Daniel) #2

Maybe you can implement this on the server in the .access file.
I am not an expert but some special “rewriterule” or “rewritecond” commands perhaps help here.
There might be a consequence for firefox or other browsers with an increase https check feature for a warning when accessing the page. Just a hint.

(john) #3

@DaSch Yes i know the .htacces rules. I’ve read on the forum off that. But i want a complete right working Rapidweaver projectfile to work on. It’s ridiculous that RW support an Find function and not an replace function.

Thanks for your comment.

(Paul Dennison) #4

You can open a RW file and see the contents, maybe you can copy out the contents and use a text editor like BBEdit to do the find and replace?

Haven’t tried it myself, as I can’t find a file to hand that uses warehousing.

(mark hunter) #5

That’s a lot of links to rename. :open_mouth:

I can’t see how Pluskit is going to help you with that, Pluskit does a number of things but I’m pretty sure sorting out your links isn’t one of them

What method have you used to linkto your warehoused images, have you used a stack, if so which one(s)?



(john) #6

@mark i’ve build my site in Foundation and make use of its “Image” function that works with Warehouse-images.
Also use the Photo-Stack from Nick Cates to display products-photo’s as well.

The most warehouse images are used with the Photo-stack.

If I edit the source in BBEdit as @pmjd described, it will not work in RW anymore i think.

At this link you can see an example of the site and the use of the images.

(mark hunter) #7

I use the Nick Cates Photo stack in a similar way to you in a Rapidcart Pro site. However, I used the Rapidweaver Resources folder to link to images, so when I switched over to https in the same way you are doing I didn’t have to recreate the links - (none of which helps you at all, I’m afraid).

Probably worth dropping a support request to @nickcates and see if he can suggest anything, or if its possible to add a feature to the stack to enable switching to https from http.

Anything that prevents you having to edit 3000 links is going to be a massive time saver for you.



(Greg Schneck) #8

To fix links very quickly on SERVER you could export entire site to local folder, do a global search and replace on your site folder and then upload. This will at least get your active site updated quickly. Of course, publishing (uploading) any page or pages will undo that/those page(s). Thus…

In RW, when you update pages, you just need to be sure the links in the upload have been updated manually. Just use the “right click” and “publish page” on your pages to upload single pages as you fix them.

BUT… an http redirect will EASILY make things work. Just do a web search for “redirect http to https” - Once you get all your RW links updated you can remove the redirect… but it doesn’t hurt anything to leave it.

If you have linked 3rd party services though (like a cart on another server), there may be an issue when using htaccess redirect from http to https. If you have off site services let me know.

As info… I used the “Export to local folder” feature and then Mac utilities to “search” the site folder for “http:” to find pages that needed to be fixed and to check my work. With a very large site (1500+ pages here) it’s about the only way you can be sure you’ve fixed every single link.

(Stuart Marshall) #9

Tools such as Scrutiny are really useful for this too. You can download a free trial of it. Is also currently in a bundle deal somewhere I think.

(john) #10

thanks for your thoughts.

I didn’t know the single-upload function in RW. To get all running i think the best idea is to make an .htacces file. That’s not the problem. thanks @1611mac.
Just to fix the links in my RW project-file so i can work on it is so much work.

I’d send Nick Cates also an message if he can help me and solved this problem.

(Greg Schneck) #11

It would be nice if RW had a true search and replace would it? I know it’s been asked for several times…

(john) #12

if they can make an Find function (already functioning) they should also make an replace function! Simple as that.

(Greg Schneck) #13

Does your “Find in Project” work well? Mine has issues… Sometimes it doesn’t find words that are clearly there, sometimes I get the error box “Something went wrong”…

I should add that the reason it doesn’t find words in probably understandable… the word obviously can’t have html embedded within the word.

For example: if you have html applied to the first char of a word to make that char bold, bigger, etc. RW can’t find it because the word is broken up due to html applied to some chars only. Thus, you can never have assurance that RW will return all occurrences of a word as the word may contain html within the word.

(john) #14

i’ll hope that RW-find didn’t forget some words(links) as you menthioned. 3000 links are already enough!!

(Michael Lacy) #15

Not having a working “find/change” function has been one of my biggest gripes for many years.

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