SSL Certificate and Warehoused Images means a lot of work

An email from PayPal a week ago frightened me in getting SSL Certificates for two of my websites. I have literally many thousands of links on the sites to warehoused images. Little did I know that the link to each would have to be changed from http: to https: Its going to be a very long and tedious job. Without this change the padlock does not appear in the url for the page. If I am missing something perhaps someone would be kind enough to mention it.



If you’re using Resources as your source for images, you can just go into each of them and change the http reference to https, save each, mark all pages and resources as changed, publish entire site… You mention warehoused images so that likely will not apply

If you reference images other way… yup… a big job as there is no way in RW to search and replace such content.

You may be able to use .htaccess file to rewrite the http links to https… but that’s as far as my knowledge of htaccess goes…

Hope that helps

Where are your Images hosted?

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Thanks for your suggestions Brad. The .htaccess sounds beyond my capabilities. The images are all stored with my site provider Easyspace.


Does easyspace have an https access to the images?


Not sure. The images are in a folder on the server inside the domain that I now have a SSL Certificate for.


Well, if they are linked “relatively”, there shouldn’t be a problem.
If they are linked “absolutely” with starting http, you have to change the links.

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Yes I have started the very very long job of relinking. One thing that is strange but for which I am very thankful is that many of the links go to html pages built with Dreamweaver which use Magic Zoom. On opening these pages in a browser from a Rapidweaver page link the pages are showing the closed padlock icon.