Find & Replace within RW Page, please

(Silas 'Shadow' skiá) #1

Would it be possible to add the “Find & Replace” feature to RapidWeaver?

I can’t express how much time and energy this would save me when using my own code.

(Graham Jackson) #2

Brilliant suggestion.

(Bruce Kieffer) #3

Absolutely. I just had to change banner resource code on every page. Sure it might help if my theme supported banner images in the general setting, but it does not. I also tried to search (find) the name of the image to see where they all were, and I got zero results. I know I spelled it right. Then I tired to search for the replaced file (home.png), no results. So what good is search if it can’t find things like this?

(Bruce Kieffer) #4

I just had to change my banner code again. Find and replace would have made a 30-minute job a 30-second job.