How to retrieve and display from mysql in RW Pages?

Everything in RW is going snap snap snap… until I wanted to display some variables from mysql. Is there any type of tutorial anyone knows how to do that. I have tried easyDB, but it displays too much info. Love php… so there has to be a way :slight_smile:

Since you said you ”love php” should I assume you are a coder? You can put your own PHP inside of a RapidWeaver page. Just make sure you change the file extension to php in the page inspector.

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I use PHP all the time in my sites.

But, if you are adding the PHP code in the Prefix section of the HTML Panel (so that it is the first code on the site), you just need to use the PHP open and close tags (of course).

However, if you just want to echo the value of a variable inside of a stack or want to use some other PHP code in a stack, then you need to make sure that the PHP code in that stack is set to “Ignore Formatting” otherwise it will just output the PHP code and not the value of the variable.

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Silly me… had the advanced panel saying html… now that, that is is set to php… I’m flying… I can bring mysql there… is a good practice to use the prefix or is ok to throw it in a stack? Loving RW!

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