Is this possible with RapidWeaver

I’m very new to RapidWeaver. I like to store all site content in MySql so my client can use my CMS to update the content. I also like to display certain sections, picked by my client when they want to display on their site. For Example: They may want to display a survey or a new sale item section section.

I’m trying out the trial version but it appears that some the addons i want to try will not let me do much in the trial version of their addon.

So, i guess my question is how much flexibility do I have when using RapidWeaver to design a site that is based on content stored in MySql?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.



Welcome to the RW community.

If you want to keep content in a Content Management System (see threads here and here), you’ll be best to use one of those built specifically for the RW environment.

Do you want to work with a MySQL database outside of RW to ‘feed’ content onto your pages? If so, you may have a big job on your hands - that’s not how the software is designed to work… rather, it’s best to use the Addons (of which there are now over 1,000), so as to integrate properly with RW. They’re many, flexible. for the most part robust and well-priced, and usually well supported by their developers.

I doubt that you’d easily be able to use a CMS of your own with RW. Good luck!