PHP & mySQL on Dev/Local Web Server

Hi All,

I’ve hit a roadblock.

I’m attempting to use StackApps to implement dynamic information pulling from a mySQL database.

I’ve been able to ssh into mySQL and forward the port, however I’m not able to apply change to php.ini to Rapidweaver’s web server… I’m using UsefulStack to view Rapidweavers PHP config, I’ve modified the php.ini it says it’s pointed to, however those change are appearing after restarting Rapidweavers’ server.

Is there a trick for this?

Is that this

I don’t think that has been supported for years.

Not sure that is correct for preview. Mine shows: Configuration File (php.ini) Path /etc

I don’t have a php.ini in the root /etc directory.



yeah, I noticed. Any suggestions on alternative for a novice?

I’ve got xamp installed xamp. and I can get that to work. I was hoping I could get the php/mysql to work in preview within RW by just upgrading the php.ini file for the RW built in web server. Sounds like it’s not possible to preview mySQL directly in RW.

Taking into account that stackapps hasn’t been updated since, what, 2014? You might check your PHP version. I wouldn’t be surprised if it won’t work with v7.x

Yeah, many of the functions were discontinued. I’m looking at easyDB as an alternate. Still wondering if I should abandon RW all together given its lack of progress in this space.

Hey Jason. I didn’t notice if you were in this other conversation, SQL Database Help for Taking Attendance - #8 by Konfuzzious , but of notable interest is this from @jay

In response to @Konfuzzious: yes, I am currently developing a Stack for CRUD. It works with MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite3 and Postgres.
I am currently busy testing the whole thing before releasing it. Also, the documentation is not quite finished yet (which is an absolute must, since it is not quite self-explanatory). I am also planning to release a Stack to protect open CRUD pages with a Time-based One-Time Password.
@oneblessedguy: Please drop me a PM if you are interested, I might be able assist you in getting your project done!

thank you for this. I’m tracking these, but they aren’t ideal for my project timeline. I’ll have to jump ship or find a viable solution soon.

So, out of curiosity, there are other platforms or wysiwyg websites builders better suited for custom database development?

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One I was hoping to avoid is I don’t like the subscription model or proprietary language/tools. Was hopeful RW would be it. EasyDB might solve my problem.

Hi, I am still busy with the final testing. However, the documentation and the web-site are already done and available - you just can’t purchase the product yet :innocent:


From my recollection, there are 1-2 developers in the RW forum that have reported such a plugin being under development/testing, one of them @artista

I suggest you gave some patience and don’t use old functions as they might be open to security vulnerabilities. RapidWeaver sites have the benefit of not being as attractive as WP for attacks, but better safe than sorry, especially if you are using backend php.

Thank you Jay, will your solution enable credentials from a mySQL table?

I’m trying to build UI that lets users of my product to login and view/edit their profile and see messages and other private content.

I think I’m bumping into this limitation with easyDB, though I’ve got a support question out to validate.

Hi Jason,

at the moment, Datably will be a pure CRUD solution. A login or authorization feature is currently not in the scope. I will gladly put your request into my register for further development.

Right now I am aiming for the first launch, so please bear with me :slight_smile:

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Thank you for that update @jay and please take your time. From what I’ve learned thus far RW will not be a sustainable solution for my development plans in the long term anyway.

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