How to see a bigger image when clicking on an image file

Can anybody tell me how you get an image to show a bigger image file when its clicked on? Thanks

@Gregor In general this is done via what’s called a litebox (or lightbox) effect. Depending on what stacks/tools you already have you may be able to do it. Or you may need to purchase a relevant stack: there are a few out there that will do this.

Here’s one free stack that will create the effect, but there are others:

(BTW LiteBox works very well!)

Hi Mathew. I have Stacks and foundry. Does foundry have the Lightbox? Many Thanks

@Gregor You’d have to ask @Elixir that. There are so many stacks and I don’t remember off the top of my head. Also possible that something comes in the future.

I love using Foundry and LiteBox works perfectly fine with it. There is a pop-up gallery with one of the addon packages that does lightboxes. Maybe some others. But Adam can correct me if my memory is bad.

Thanks Mathew. I’ll have a rake around and see if there’s Lightbox in the foundry stacks.

Foundry has a Lightbox like stack called Zoom, which is a part of the Potion Pack. It also has a Lightbox built in to its Gallery stack as well.

Foundry also has a Modal stack that could be used as a Lightbox-like tool as well.

Thanks Adam I’ll have a look at modal

Most likely what you’re wanting is going to be Zoom, I think, but Modal will work as a fill in.

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