Introducing the LiteBox stack (free)

An extraordinarily lightweight and simplistic lightbox effect developed exclusively for handling images. As the name suggests, LiteBox lets website users click or tap images and have them pop-open at a larger size within a responsive lightbox. Nothing more, nothing less. LiteBox is built on the popular opensource Featherlight lightbox effect and includes the bare-minimum of customisable settings. You’ll find LiteBox is exceptionally easy to configure and if you have knowledge of CSS you can extend some of the styling even further. LiteBox is an attractive lightbox effect and its minimalist appeal makes it very suitable for use in ThemeFlood themes.

This lightbox effect purposefully does-away with features like navigation and image captions to focus purely on presenting your photographs in their simplest form. LiteBox is perfect if you have a couple of images on a webpage you want to lightbox. Any images nested within the LiteBox stack are automatically lightboxed. Alternatively you can have LiteBox scan your pages for HTML / Markdown images and convert them into clickable, lightboxed images.

LiteBox is provided as a free stack. The product page provides a working example of the stack and documentation for its setup. If you find this stack useful in your projects or require support, please make a contribution.


Awesome…Thank you!

Another great stack, thanks.

Can the Lightbox also be triggered with a Class?

This is brilliant! In some relatively short testing with this stack it solves several problems for me:

  1. auto-lightboxing images when I’ve used markdown/HTML to indicate images
  2. auto-floating of images on a page (right/left): very cool!
  3. works perfectly with Armadillo (and perhaps other CMS tools)

This last issue is really amazing. I am working more and more with students and other collaborators on website content. It’s easy enough for me to teach them about Markdown for images. So all my collaborators need to do is enter the relevant Markdown and their images are auto-lightboxed in Armadillo! Doesn’t matter if it’s a blog page or a solo content page. In turn this makes my workflow a lot more efficient!