"Image Plus" stack by Doobox

Hi there,

Today we released our latest stack “Image Plus”.
Image Plus gives you the ability to add a light-box type popup larger view of your images, but also allows you to add associated information to accompany the image. The re-flowing responsive nature of the stack is unique, and makes for a superb way to display this type of content on any device.

You really must see the stack in action here, to appreciate what this thing is all about.

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Nice one, Gary! Demos look great on my iPhone.


This is a very fast and slick stack. Just started using it tonight on one of my sites! Thanks for an excellent piece of software!

Thank’s guys. Appreciate the comments :smile:

Nice Stack.

I’m wondering. Can you next an Image Plus stack inside another Image Plus stack so that the first lightbox remains open in the background?



Hi @neilcovert ,

You can add an image plus stack in the info column of another image plus stack.
One downside of this though. If foe example you click to open the first image with info, and then click the second one inside the info of the fist that’s all good. But closing the fist does not close the second. You close the second one then your left with the first one still open, so you need to click again to close that one.