How to set navigation submenu ?!

I want to create a page into nav menu with maybe 3 options pages … subpages.
But i want to mouse over the navpage and select one of the other 3 pages down… the page must be no linkable or clickable … no stack page… just a title page you know what i mean?
Is it possible? in this screenshot example i want page ABOUT US is just mouse over to select the other
8 pages down… but ABOUT US must be no cllickable it must be like a title to choose the others pages.

Thank you so much.

Have a look at

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What theme are you using? The theme must support drop down menus for this to work.

Set the top level page (about us) as an offsite page that links to #. Then make sure the sub pages are attached to the offsite page.

If the theme supports sub menus it should work.

It may require a click and not just a mouse over depending on how the theme is designed as mouse over and mobile doesn’t work.

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Yeah it seems to be what i want… i will try thank you so much !!!