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This is probably “stupid simple”, but I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve searched the documentation, watched countless videos, and perused the forum. Please help.

I want to have a navigation item that when you hover or click on it, it shows a child level of nav items. For example, when you click on “PHOTOS”, you would get a list of photo pages, “NATURE”, “PHOTO-JOURNALISM”, etc. I can’t figure out how to create it. I started with Foundry NAV BAR PRO, and gave up. Then in NAV BAR, it shows how to configure the colors, etc. for child menus, but I can’t figure out how to add one, nor even how to edit the individual navigation items. Any help is appreciated.

Also, just as an aside, I can’t figure out what the NAV BAR OVERLAY is for.

Search the forum for ‘sub pages’ or ‘drop downs’ and you’ll find this has been covered before.

Put simply, you drag your sub pages onto the ‘parent’ page in the nav menu on left side of project window

Try that with the Foundry Nav Bar stack.

The Nav Bar Overlay will display a hamburger menu at the top right of the screen which, when clicked opens a modal window on top of the whole site that contains the menu.


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I apologize, but I don’t understand. I created a page just to experiment with the nav bars, but am getting frustrated. I tried grabbing a page and dropping it onto the NAV BAR (Foundry), but nothing happens. I’ve tried dropping it below the bar and nothing happens. I’ve tried dragging and dropping it on the nav items, but nothing. I’ve tried dragging and dropping it between the items… still nothing. Is there something I need to do to designate a page as a subpage? What am I missing?

Sorry. I’m new here and getting frustrated.

Thanks for your help.

In the page list( left side) take the page you want to be a sub-page and drag it and drop it onto the parent page on the page list.

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This is the manual for an older version of RW. Check out page 14

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I’ve created my “sub” pages and dragged them onto the parent page, so they show when I hover on the parent page in the Nav bar. The problem now is that I can’t open the parent page. Is that normal? Do I have to have a “blank” page act as the parent and put the current “parent” as a sub page, or is there something I’m missing? Thanks in advance!

That depends on what theme you are using. Some themes will allow the parent to be a regular page that opens. Other themes will use the parent as just a toggle to open the children.

I’m using Foundry. I just created a blank page and am using it as my parent. Have another issue now, with my site background. I set the site background to be an image I created. It works, except at the end of the pages it shows the background color I used to have, instead of the image, making it look unfinished “stupid”. LOL I’ve included a screen shot of how I set my background image as well as the stupid looking page result. Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

It’s difficult to see (I’m on my iPad) the difference between the image and the color.

Is the image a color?

You know, using a background image that doesn’t do much more than a color probably isn’t a good idea. Even simple images can slow down the loading of the page. Foundry has a gradient color picker if you want a little more than a simple color.

That being said, It’s really hard to say what is causing the issue just looking at settings. Do you have a URL to a test page?

No URL yet, as I have been waiting for someone at Transmit to answer a question so I can go in and remove old files. Original site is

I’m so close to being done now (been waiting on Transmit for several weeks… guess who’s software I won’t be buying for my ftp…) I saw something that looked like RW would allow me to just publish one page at a time, so I’m counting on that for later. Just trying to polish up the pages now before starting to publish the new site. Original was created in Dreamweaver.

The image is a color with noise over it so it doesn’t look so harsh. Trying to make it look nice instead of amateur-ish. It is for our photo club… :wink:

Maybe this snapshot will make it a little more obvious. I’ve tried all 3 options on the site background, but it doesn’t seem to change anything. When I set the checkbox to show the site background on edit, I notice there’s a slight border around the “content” (foundry, containers, etc) without the image applied. I can’t figure out how to make it happen. Thanks in advance!

It’s really hard to say what’s going on with the background without a link to a page. I just tested here, and my image extends the entire height of the page. Is it possible you have a stack below the grid of images that has a background color set?

Where did you set the background color?

You could try creating a new page, set the site background to the image and throw a few paragraphs on it and see what it looks like. If it looks ok, then you know there is something on the other page causing it.

Thanks. I’ll try that. I have a couple of pages that seem OK, so I’ve been duplicating them and trying to figure out if there’s something different. So far, when I add the content, it doesn’t give me the full background image. Will keep trying different ideas. If I can’t get it, I’ll publish a page with a weird name and send you the link to it. Appreciate your help.

OK. How’s this for weird… I took a page that shows the background correctly, duplicated it and little by little, recreated the page that didn’t, checking the preview after every single step. Everything was fine. Then I deleted the last section (a group with a card in it) and no consistent background. So I put it back and it was fine again. So I took the content (a header and paragraph) and copied it into the card that was on the page that worked. Looked good. Then, I deleted the extra set of content (a group with a header and paragraph) and the background was incorrect. Any thoughts?

Where is that blue background set? The color that shows at the very end of the page and not the image covering the top portion. What stack and what setting?

I set it directly on the Foundry stack, under background site. I created a partial with the Foundry stack, 2 typeface stacks, and my nav bar (NavBar Pro stack). I put it at the top of each page. I’ve tried putting inside and outside of the container with no apparent difference.

Are you talking about Panic the makers of Transmit FTP? I’ve had very good luck with Transmit and in the past have had excellent support from them.

What question are you waiting for them to answer? Are you unable to delete files with Transmit?

Anyway, without a URL it’s hard to say what’s causing the issue.

I still wouldn’t do it that way, there are better “lighter” ways to make backgrounds quieter. If you must use an image for something like that I’d use a tiny little image and tile it. But it’s your site so do what you want.

That’s where you set the background to be an image. Where is the medium blue set?

I think you’re going to have to post a link to a page. Or, if you want to copy that one page into it’s own project file and post a link to it here, I’ll download it and take a look.

The image is a “tile” image. I’m still “fighting” with it. I’ve even tried putting it in the code section as a background-image. Getting frustrated and am wondering if I need to just close it down and reboot my Mac. Maybe something has gotten “it’s wires crossed”.

When I downloaded Transmit, it was asking for permission to a bunch of places it didn’t need to access, but I accidentally told it “no” on one area that I needed it to have. Now I can’t figure out where to go to change that setting, and they haven’t responded in weeks.

I tried to post the pages under a name that I know wouldn’t interfere with the current site, but apparently the server is down for maintenance (Murphy’s a friend of mine LOL). If I am successful with that, I’ll let you know. I think I’m going to do a “reset”. Shut it down, walk away, eat an early dinner, and try it again.

Hi Jo,

On my stacks page I have no background or image set at all.

What I do have on the page is a Foundry Banner set into Hero mode and this does have an image under the banner style section. The content of the page (stacks) is inserted into the banner.

This is a simple page and the dog image is the Hero banner with a single heading stack added. Quenington Bulldogs