How to turn off InlinePlayer instructions?


Today I bought InlinePlayer for its simple, elegant interface. It was easy to set up, too, thanks to directions that appear with the stack:

Instructions: Add only one InlinePlayer stack to each webpage. It might work better to put it towards the bottom of your webpage, so it can catch more links. Within your webpage, type some text and make it a link to an audio file. When the page loads, all audio links will be converted into mini InlinePlayer stacks and your link text will become the title of the audio track. Customise any of the style or colour settings to suit.

What’s not so easy is to make the directions disappear in Preview and after publishing. I see no toggle-switch for that function (see below).

I’d like to ask if someone would kindly point out what I’ve overlooked?

Thanks for your help!




I’d like to send special thanks to Will for timely updating InlinePlayer. While applying the update the instructions vanished before my eyes.

Having had a chance to use it, InlinePlayer has already become my go-to player of audio, which I use frequently in my projects. What drew me to InlinePlayer was its clean interface; under the hood, it has the uncomplicated mechanics of a 1964 Austin-Healey.

Indeed, less is more with this stack.

@NavionDriver Congrats on purchasing Inline Player. It’s one very nice stack! I tried to emulate your problem but I don’t see the instructions at all when I place an Inline Player on a page either in preview or when published.

I’m sure there’s a simple solution. But it looks like asking @willwood directly is the way to go.

I’m not sure why @NavionDriver has decided to ask the same question here that has already been asked, answered and resolved over email, well within our normal support turnaround time? :confused:

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