AudioPlayer stack updated to version 2.0

Based on the same codebase as the popular VideoPlayer stack, AudioPlayer is focused (as the name suggests) on handling audio content; like music recordings, podcasts, audio books, sermons and sound effects. AudioPlayer is simple to setup, but contains dozens of customisable settings. Using the AudioPlayer stack, you can design and deploy beautiful website audio players that will work in just about any web browser.

In a couple of clicks, AudioPlayer can help you reliably embed MP3 files into your webpages. No more ugly audio player controls or expensive addons that are complicated to configure and severely limit your creative freedom! Your website users deserve an attractive audio player that is compatible with the broadest range of web browsers available; and this is exactly what AudioPlayer delivers.

AudioPlayer has been developed exclusively for RapidWeaver; not just code ripped from other audio player plugins! As a result of this, we were able to consultant with potential users and gather excellent feedback. The finished AudioPlayer stack is one of the finest audio players available for RapidWeaver.

This stack replaces the former AudioDeckr stack by StackManiac, and AudioPlayer is a free update for all existing AudioDeckr users. The release of AudioPlayer today signifies the final stack to be updated and migrated from StackManiac, which will be closing down shortly. If you require the AudioPlayer update or an update for any other StackManiac stacks, please get in contact with me via the Stacks4Stacks website and provide poof of purchase.

For more information about the AudioPlayer stack, please click here.